About Us

The Latin Mass Society of the North Coast is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit private association of Catholic faithful dedicated to the preservation and fostering of the Traditional Latin Rite of the Catholic Church within the Diocese of Santa Rosa. The Society consists of lay Catholics (in communion with the Holy See) who reside on the North Coast of California and wish to remain faithful to the Traditional Latin Rite of the Catholic Church, live the liturgical life, and increase and cherish its supernatural spirit. The Society also includes, and welcomes, priests and religious who have a great love and affection for this earlier liturgical form.

The goals of the Society are:

  • To assist in the celebration of the Traditional Latin Rite of the Holy Mass and other liturgical celebrations (such as Vespers), as well as the Sacramental rites (i.e., Baptism, Confirmation, etc.) as celebrated in the Catholic Church.
  • To provide support to Catholic priests who are interested in celebrating the Traditional Latin Rite, by inviting them to celebrate the Latin Mass, other liturgical celebrations, and the sacraments, at the Society’s designated location.
  • To provide catechesis and education to those who want to learn about the Latin Mass and the corresponding rites, as well as nurture and raise up young men and women to serve the Church.


You can reach us directly by email or phone:  tlmhumboldt1@gmail.com or (707) 845-7678.